One of your first decisions, after you decide to start your own business, is to create your business brand. Your ideal brand should attract your ideal customer. Your brand covers everything from your business’ first impression to your business voice and how you connect with your potential clients. Your brand should merge your visuals and emotions. What do you want your audience to think and feel when they interact with you and your business?

As you create your brand you want it to fit your vision and goals for your business. Although you need to sure your brand complements who you are and how you work you do need to separate yourself from your brand and business. You need to focus on what specifically makes your business unique and why your audience should work with you and your business. 

Let’s create your brand! Below are 6 questions to narrow in on your personal brand identity. Enjoy!

1. What are your core values and beliefs?

Look at your business from the big picture. What is the heart and soul of your business? Who are you here to help? What type of businesses are you going to work with? Why are you passionate about your business?

2. WHY did you start your own business?

What motivates you every day? Why did you take the leap of faith and start your own business? On your hardest of days, what keeps you pushing forward and continuing to grow?

3. Choose 3 words to describe your brand.

Your band is ALL about creating your desired response. With your brand, like your outfit, you can dictate how people think about you and your brand. What are the 3 most important things your audience needs to think about when they interact with you and your brand?

4. Who is your ideal client?

Give your dream client a persona. For example, what is their name? What kind of house do they live in? How is it decorated? Where do they shop? What do they wear? What brings them joy? What kind of music do they listen to?

5. What makes your brand unique?

The hard fact is that you are not the only in your line of business. In this day and age of people creating their own businesses, you need to stand out. The best way to do this is to first research what is out there. What are your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses? How do you fill in those gaps?

These questions are here to begin your thought process. Think about brands you like and why. What is your favorite clothing shop? Car? Animal? If you had a celebrity spokesperson who would it be?

The good thing is, these questions have no right or wrong answer. This is YOUR brand. Every future decision for your business is founded on your brand personality. When you solidify your brand you can create and unique and memorable experience for your people. 

Happy Branding!

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