Hello to all my graphic designers and illustrators out there! Here we have the latest installment of my Adobe Tool Highlights. With so many tools and toys to use in Illustrator, it can seem overwhelming. Here we attack 1 tool at a time.

This week is the Color Replacement tool. Admittedly I learned this one a bit late into my design career and it has since been a lifesaver. If you need to retheme an illustration, what’s the best way? I’m happy to introduce you to the Color Replacement tool.

This is helpful in logos, printables, illustrations… basically anytime you have more than one object with your color…

Let’s collect a few things before we start:

Original color scheme

Original image

And our new Color Scheme

A few simple steps:

  1. Select all artwork
  2. Edit – Edit Color – Recolor Artwork (the first column is the current color, the second column is the new color)
  3. Double click on the second column color to select your new color
  4. Select your new color or enter the color code (check the preview box to take a look before you submit)
  5. “Okay” 
  6. New colors for you!

With this color scheme, I like it on a dark background and white outlines

That’s better, isn’t it?

For you visual learners (myself included) here’s a quick video for you!


Until next time you lovelies!