Colors? Emotions? Target Audience? Branding?….. Huh?

Does anyone else have these thoughts while designing their brand? Last month we learned more about branding (link HERE), now it’s time to dive a bit deeper into the elements that make up your brand. 

The first one we are going to tackle is Brand Colors. How in the world do we decide on colors to recognize our brands? 

Do we pick our favorite colors? Do I Pinterest search “Brand Colors”? (Am I the only one who Pinterest searches most things before Googling?)

Let’s jump in – HOW TO PICK YOUR BRAND COLORS – an entrepreneurial guide. 

Step 1 – Define your target audience is. Before designing anything or sending anything out to our audience, make sure you know who they are. What are their concerns? Where do they hang out? What are their goals? How can they benefit from knowing you and your brand?

If you don’t know who you are talking to, how can you be sure to say it right?

Step 2 – Create your Inspiration Board 



I believe that every good design project (or any project really) should begin with a grand brain dump. Get it all out there. Anything you’ve thought about or wanted for your brand, put it all together in one place. This can come in many ways. My favorite is a Pinterest board. Take 10 minutes and go Pinterest crazy. What do you like? What images make you happy? Spark creativity? Spark joy? (thank you Marie Kondo!) Gather them all up and take a good look at them.

Step 3 – Extract Colors from your Inspiration Board

Now comes the time to purge and deconstruct your inspiration board. What can go? What doesn’t fit? It doesn’t matter how much you like it, if it doesn’t fit in your brand, it doesn’t belong in your brand board. (save those ideas for the more casual Instagram stories – the best place to share more of ourselves, and not necessarily adhere strictly to branding. 

Step 4 – Refine your colors. Once your Inspiration Board is narrowed down to a few colors, you can add some refining. At this step, I like to pull out my color psychology chart. Certain colors emote and encourage certain emotions. With your audience and your company goals in mind, determine the emotions you want your audience to feel when they interact with your brand.  



I also like to use www.colormind.io. It helps create a six-color color pallette. What I like to do, is enter in two to three of my colors, then hit the Generate key and the site with creating color palette options incorporating your chosen colors. You can then lock and unlock colors to play with until you find something you are happy with. 

I’ve attached a video so you can see it in action. 



Step 5 – Go celebrate missy, you have your brand colors!! Your business has a visual foundation and all your posts, blogs, materials, graphics…. will be unified. Your audience will recognize YOU wherever they meet you. 

Now go forth Entrepreneur! Create a brand color palette you’re proud of! 

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